worship and music


I have been wanting to do something more for God with my mediocre musical talents. That’s why I have been dabbling with all these music stuff and all. A small dream of mine – to set up a Youtube channel and share God with others through our music. Like, our own music. Our very own creations. Our very songs of praise to God.

Worship can really just be that simple I guess. Just giving your all, wherever you are, whatever you have etc. Recently, something upsetting happened.. Well, I consider it upsetting. Haha. I was asked to help out for a Youtube channel (even though I had already created my own, and was planning to work on that either way), and there were so many restrictions and so many different agendas, all of which so just vastly different from what I had in mind, and during the very initial discussions, I felt like I had to be subjected to what they wanted. At first I was quite excited and eager to have a team assembled to do this together, meaning I wouldn’t have to think too much about my own recruitment, or planning, or even funding (not that we really needed it for such a project). But as time went by, it got increasingly uncomfortable because I was compromising on my ideals, and as the leadership was confirmed, I was certain I won’t have the freedom I had to explore music and worship. It was a bit patronizing when they said I couldn’t be included anyway because I wasn’t a member of the youth worship team (though I am a member of the adult worship team), and if I was really so passionate about music, I could just go create my own channel. -.-”

Umm. That totally missed the point, and it hurt.

Oh wells. Back on my own, and may the Lord rise up like-minded people too. Currently waiting for a reply from my dear friend – shall text him again after he ends his lessons.


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