Book Review: Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster

I finally finished Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline. I am super thankful that God gave me the courage to follow through with it. The first few chapters of the book was so horrible for me. It felt super mechanical and I guess, it felt as if we had to go through certain very deliberate motions just to come into God’s presence. Well, there is truth in that statement, but the first 3 chapters really made me feel like the Christian walk should just be a formula we can calculate or follow. I absolutely hate that. Or at least this was the impression I had when I started on the book a year ago. I suppose if I read those chapters again, I would see it rather differently, but no, not planning to revisit the book anytime soon. The horror I went through for the first 3 chapters is enough to make me feel fear.

But I really really really really enjoyed the part about Study as a discipline. *notes to myself that i NEED to share it with a special friend of mine.* This chapter was, beyond amazing. And the chapters that followed were so good too. They were very enlightening. I choose to think that I was transformed by the entire reading experience. It showed me so much about how to worship God with our lives, not just pretty words or bombastic actions. And I urge everyone who is reading my blog, go read this book. I guess I am not ready to closely examine each aspect of my life right now to model after this book’s teachings, but I am seriously thinking of taking this book to another level of study and examination soon, and allow my life to be transformed by God through the book. I am excited to start!

But where there is excitement and vivien, there is also reckless behaviour. Haha. So, I better go think about it properly first.

I am only just noticing the subtitle seriously for the first time. ‘The Path to Spiritual Growth’. I agree. I can see where the book leads and points to. If you wish to grow more in Christ, and be challenged in your Christian walk, please try reading this book.

I think what’s beautiful about this book is that it teaches you how to see God in everything, and God is just beauty in its purest form. It is not just to show God you love Him, it transforms you and shows you the state of mind and spirit that God wants you to enjoy. :):)


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