CNY and some random thoughts about everything

I am proud to announce that I believe I have survived the worst parts of CNY. Specifically, day 1 and 2. I am really glad that my siblings and I are considered old enough to miss out on certain visitations if we want to. But I guess out of respect for our parents and elders, we still try to make it. Tough part comes in when my brother and I just really wish to be left alone studying, reading or meeting up with our own close friends, and my sister just wants to go out and be merry with her friends. Ahh wells, things we put ourselves to because we are Asian and our parents are Asians too. #asianwoes

I think my grandmother has spread the news about our (sister and I) relatively new singlehood status long and far. I did not have to entertain questions about boyfriends and marriage and whatever. Not that I would care if they really did ask. After my first few bumpy, emotional and insecure months after the breakup, I am really quite chill about these stuff, and I don’t see anything wrong with being single. It’s good really, and it could have been much better (and way less troublesome) if I haven’t fallen for someone else.

Managed to meet up with Jingxin, Yixuan, Yiran and Lobbie these two days. I am proud I managed to be so productive. Catching up with everyone was simply great. As usual, 3 hours were still insufficient for Jingxin and me; and I simply thank God for this friendship we share. And I hope I cared for him as much as he has made me feel like he cares for me. (Figure that out. Hahaha) I have missed out a bit of what’s going on with Yixuan’s life for a while, but I am glad we finally managed a meaningful catch up amidst both our crazy schedules, and I hope there will be more to come. The meet up with Yiran was super random and hurriedly decided, but much delayed because we were supposed to have a part 2 of our initial meet up back in January! Glad we caught up and we chatted about life and work and ministry and relationships and music and keyboard and all – which is pretty cool. I love whining to her about my more girly concerns, and love hearing her ‘aiya get used to it’ ‘it’s like that one la’ ‘what to do, like that lor.’ Yeah, for those who do know us personally, you will realise we switched roles. Hahaha. Lobbie….. I met up with her earlier this week actually. But it’s always cool how we can unload all our angst, confusion and weaknesses on each other and still end up laughing all the way home.

Also went for a lousy movie called Dragon Blade with my siblings and a bunch of church people. I think I would have rated it higher if it were in the comedy genre but noooooo, it’s more fantasy/history/action. To me, it was just gore, corny/cheesy/tacky lines + simplistic overarching theme. Which was a kinda pity because the star-studded cast was so good to watch, and were probably the movie’s saving grace. Perhaps, if they did it with another set of less impressive actors, the movie would not make it even in the comedy genre. I loved John Cusack’s performance! ❀ It was really pure bliss to watch. The depth of his acting. Awesome. But other than that, few other things caught my eye. The storyline was bad, but okay, I did manage to have a few good laughs (some of which were probably NOT intended by the producers).

Meanwhile, I have been deep in thoughts about certain things: the upcoming Student Camp in June, the boy I have feelings for, all of the kids I call my own, and the leaders who serve in and lead my humble church. I really feel quite lost about everything that is going on. I have even discovered spiritual gifts I never thought I would be blessed with. I don’t know how to pray about it or how to feel about it. And now, I am pretty tired… So I guess, I could elaborate on this tomorrow instead. πŸ™‚



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