God is good.

I am so tired. I can barely keep my eyes open. But I want to just stay here and thank God for a few things.

Service today – I brought my notebook but didn’t intend to write notes… because I was lazy to take it out of my bag. Until I heard this learning point about not letting your weakness become sin. I will never forget that for a long time. Because I have been a victim of people who think they cannot change and they are just like that. And I have always felt so bad about my weaknesses, enough to feel like it’s something I cannot change. But, with this, God reminds me that it is merely a weakness, and I can overcome it through His strength.

Miss Stephaine – We had a meaningful conversation today about that online survey about cell that I made them do. Quite overdue because I had to think about their responses and then come up with a strategy for their growth in the coming year. And I am excited about every single one of them. Decided to start with talking to Yanhui because we managed to find the time today, even though she was going to skip cell. I can’t wait to see God work through all of them. And I am so thankful we managed to do the zone gathering together. Please don’t ever take it for granted. It was hard work, and work well done, and all glory be to God.

LMZ – Idk. I thought we had a very meaningful sharing and BS today. To think about what is important and how to let God be part of every daily decision and to be seen in every action that we do. It is my prayer that all of you can be shining testimonies for the Lord wherever you go. Thanks for always being my pride and joy, even when I am such an inadequate leader and I always do stupid stuff. Thank God for the little walk Jingjing and I had today. It lasted for maybe less than 3 minutes, but that hug <3. It is so amazing that you picked out books you wanted to read too :), so proud is me.

Meetup with Zer Hien – Dude, you are dashing okay. DASHING. Haha. 🙂 Thank God for this boy who is willing to entertain my insecurities and just listen to me being a girl about things. It was nice meeting up and hearing his stories and I hoped that I managed to make him feel supported ba. He is a dear friend and I am feeling really optimistic about this friendship. Thank God that he is so, not judgmental when he hears about my stuff. Thank God he doesn’t read into my words, but just really take me for what I say. Thank God for this super random friendship and I pray for his safety and protection in army, that he may find favour in the eyes of his peers and superiors, have good health to handle all the physical challenges, a heart to love those who are unlovable in human eyes, and a firm guarded soul who wants to please God more than fulfilling any temptation.

Jingxin – whom I didn’t manage to talk to much this weekend except through text. But thank God for this boy who listens and sometimes drags me back to reality and/or God just by a single sentence. Thank God that he can tolerate my state of mind before I actually figure something out, haha. ❤

Thank God also for the short time I could spend with my family. It was really short. But I think my presence made a difference, and I pray that I can be a good testimony. May they too get to know and experience the beauty and love of our Lord, whether through me or my siblings or anyone else, I just pray that they get to see the Lord shine through everything and illuminate their lives. I am so super imperfect that it feels so impossible to ask, but not by my might or by my greatness, but by His alone.

Thank God for this weekend, and I look forward to loving more and blessing more people in the week to come. It is always a challenge, and one I will conquer with His strength.

Now that I am refreshed and renewed by Your love, please send me out to love and witness.


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