it is annoying that I thought it would just be a short brief meeting and we would bid our goodbyes, resuming the part of our lives that do not involve each other, but then it turned out to be such an uplifting encounter.

It is amazing how a 10-15 minutes walk can contain so much. The laughter, the sarcastic comments, the stupid jokes that make my eyes roll in their sockets, the silly things I say that make you roll your eyes at me and the life stories we share.

I so wish I could deny that it happened. Then life would be a lot simpler.

It would be dull, but yes, it would be a lot simpler.

Then I can focus on waiting on the Lord, and Mr Right can appear in His timing, and I believe it may not be you.

It would really be a lot simpler but if this is the battle I have to fight, I will.


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