my dream

i want to combine all of the passions God has given me and bless others with them. and these are just some ideas that popped into my head after a late night chat w a good friend. You will realise it is uniquely/annoyingly me. Hahaha

i want to open a good affordable cafe,
that serves delicious coffee with immensely cute latte art
also serves funky ice cream and hot steaming waffles to go along

and has a wide selection of christian and non-christian books available for my customers to browse and up their wisdom and be enlightened by the richness of knowledge that is out there

and maybe…has rooms with different themes and a lot a lot of beautiful photos of the world and of nature

we could have board games and card games too! selected cute ones of course. Hahaha.

and we will have a spot for a live band to play. we can invite any local band with a heart to share their passion for music and/or for God. we would welcome local worship bands too!
perhaps also an impromptu spot for any inspired musician to go up and show off for a bit.
and perhaps schedule a musician every working shift to help out those who don’t know how to play an instrument :3
when no one’s playing live music, i could :3 (I will get better, I promise)
and i seriously will go and learn drums k? Hahaha. guitar is out of my reach now. šŸ˜¦

and perhaps the staff can lead a full-blown proper worship session once every week šŸ™‚

Can we have a recording studio too please? šŸ™‚ So I can record stuff with my beloved friends and upload stuff on Youtube. =D

and the radio stations I will tune to for my background music would be WBGL or Klove.

oh oh oh we could also have a prayer board for customers to post their prayer requests! whatever religion they believe in, I do not care, I want to pray for them. šŸ™‚ and the title of the board will be ‘We love because He first loved us -John 4:19’

and we will have regular fundraising events or sponsor social causes to bless the community around us. šŸ™‚

and we could hold music workshops! Hahaha oh my the dream just gets bigger. šŸ™‚

May it be a place where I can disciple and love my 3 kids and all those under my wings. šŸ™‚

How exciting! Hahaha.
Just had to do this to cheer myself up.
I know it is not all realistic, and it violates so many business rules.
But, please let me dream, just for today.
I need to be reminded that God loves me and He has already blessed me with so much.

Rather than be upset over someone who has issues about receiving love, I could move on and shine brightly and work towards that goal. Heehee.

Heart flutters flutters* ā¤



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