Watching this programme called Kings Cross ER on 403: Crime & Investigation.

This old man just had multiple, consecutive heart attacks. He broke down at a railway station, had someone exercise CPR on him, ‘revived’ and got sent to an ER at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney, where he continued to slip in and out of consciousness, as they tried repeatedly to resuscitate him for good and keep him conscious.

His brain was probably deprived of oxygen for more than 4 minutes (more than the normal human’s threshold). He was unable to really comprehend or understand the medical staff’s questions at first. He admitted to having a history of high cholesterol and breathing problems. But fearing they missed out something, they decided to contact his family for information on his medical history. He said that he was from Columbia, which of course, shocked the medical staff, because that meant a delay in getting information. As they continued to check on his condition, someone else got on the phone to contact his family and found that the man was on medication for diabetes.

He finally became conscious enough to communicate in a lucid manner but still had to reply on a breathing mask, for the medical staff to explain the next immediate medical procedures to him. After that, another staff came to explain the situation to him saying ‘How are you feeling? Do you know what happened to you?’
‘Yes, I had a heart attack.’
‘Yes, a very nasty one. So now they will bring you up to _____ to do that __________ he explained to you earlier.’
‘but, I am not from Sydney.’
The staff nearly cut him off with her reply, and was really really stern when she said ‘But, you need to understand this is something we have to do for you right now, okay? After what happened, we really need to do this for you, alright?’

Well, her answer stunned me, and then love flooded my heart. I believe in tough love. I think if I were there, I would just be ‘And with all due respect sir, do you think I am going to let you die just because you are not from Sydney?’

(Well…. maybe that’s why it’s a good idea for the world that I had no calling to join a workplace like that.)

If I were the man, I would probably start bawling like a baby to receive such a treatment somewhere so far away from home and loved ones.

I have been thinking a lot about death lately. I don’t know what God is trying to teach me. I am not suicidal. Haha, just kept thinking about death, and what it means.

I was really impacted just earlier today when I came across this article (I can’t remember the original source, but there were multiple, just plucked the first link on Google). Hmmmmm. I don’t know I don’t know.


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