Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday
About the people who are here today.
About the video we are watching.

Social acceptance and standards
Explaining away failure with whether it is God’s will or not, forces of God and Satan

Jesus prayed over Peter’s failure even before he was tempted. That he may not lose faith and come back to help his brothers after he has picked himself up. Not about Peter’s ability and capacity but God’s power, and he responded well. Not focusing on his own weakness and mistake but picking himself up to make up for what’s done. That even he gave up his life, it would mean nothing. What good would it do?

3 times of denial and after resurrection, 3 times of Jesus asking Peter if he loved Jesus.


It’s so hard to believe in someone who lets you down. It’s even harder to believe in someone who doesn’t even believe you exist.

May I never forget this feeling. That God you have faith in someone such as me. That God you saved me. That God you are good.


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