a last minute post of jumbled and over-summarized thoughts.

I suppose I should update here that I have switched to writing in a hard copy journal for now.

Many things have happened since. And I am tired. But I am looking forward to the future.

Being thankful for my small cell kids and some awesome people in my life.

Batam was good, it made me think a lot about God and the future He holds in His hands. The future that is not just mine alone, but one that overlaps/coincides/clashes with people around me.

Thankful for new relationships being built, bad ones lost, moving on from old inactive ones into a more vibrant future. 🙂

Music is still exciting. And I continue to pray that God will bless my hands to play and honour Him. It is such a refreshing thing to be able to learn under my current piano teacher. It is amazing to be able to grow spiritually and seeing the bigger picture of music and the world God created and the kingdom He is molding all of us for. 🙂

Jiayou everyone. Pain will always exist in your life, so get used to it, then rise from the middle of the mess into the God-given goodness.