‘Now I know that You love me’

God saw Abraham’s sacrifice and said ‘Now I know that you love me, because you did not withhold your only son from me.’ But how much more can we look at his sacrifice on the Cross, and say to God, ‘Now we know that You love us. For You did not withhold your son, your only son, whom you love, from us.’ When the magnitude of what he did dawns on us, it makes it possible finally to rest our hearts in him rather than in anything else.

Jesus alone makes sense of this story. The only way that God can be both “just” (demanding payment of sin) and “justifier” (providing salvation and grace) is because years later another Father went up another “mount” called Calvary with his firstborn and offered him there for us all. You will never be as great, as secure in God, as courageous, as Abraham became simply by trying hard, but only by believing in the Savior to whom this event points. Only if Jesus lived and died for us can you have a God of infinite love and holiness at once. Then you can be absolutely sure that he loves you.

-Counterfeit Gods: When the empty promises of love, money and power let you down, by Timothy Keller

I have always been fascinated with Abraham’s story of faith. It’s one of my most favourite stories in the Bible and I am so intrigued by how he interacts with God. He makes me see how loving, yet strict, God is. I feel his pain and his heartache and his confusion and his fears throughout his life. I have heard about the parallel drawn with Jesus, but I never saw it this way before… and it is just so heartwarming to be reminded of how much God loves us in this way.



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