Extracts from ‘The Currency of Influence’ by Micah Yost

The paradox of influence is that we must focus not on influencing, but on becoming influential. Leadership is granted to those worth following. Through actions, attitude, values and work ethic, people earn the right to persuade others.




Influence is given to those who cast a powerful vision for a better tomorrow, exemplify strong core values, patiently trust and start by first getting their own hands dirty.

-Micah Yost, in ‘The Currency of Influence’, an article from Relevant Magazine 

I like how he puts it. It is what I really believe in. But I guess we must also realize that our gifts of leadership, however much or little, it is also given by God. If you have a heart to use your gifts well in His kingdom, surely you will be motivated to learn how to lead better and God will bless you abundantly if this an area where He wants you to serve Him in. 🙂


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