what do you give?


This reminds me of a lady I met outside Buona Vista MRT. I was either heading to lunch with Jinghan or heading from lunch. She was sitting on the floor, and well, selling tissue. You know the type. I usually just buy a few packs of tissue out of compassion, and well, how much can a dollar hurt? This lady appeared to be really happy and greeting people who just rushed past her without a glance. I bent down to give her my money, and she told me to take my tissues from this box. I am cool with that. But what’s different was that there was this huge sign, one I wouldn’t have noticed if not for the fact she pointed it out to me. The sign said something along the lines of


I was stunned for a moment and shot a glance at her. She didn’t notice my reaction and continued smiling at people walking past her. What caught my eye this time was not just her happiness but this book on her lap.

The Bible. A chinese Bible. It was quite worn out. And it was full of highlights.

It made me feel bad about myself for not reading the Bible as much. So much joy to possess, and I am just sitting here.

And at Bedok MRT…There’s this lady who wears a beanie and goes around with a wheelchair. She looks somewhere in her 30s. She sells tissue regularly there, but not daily. She has to pass by my place on her wheelchair to get to interchange. I have seen her many times, always with a faint smile on her face, and an aura of unnatural strength and optimism. I buy from her sometimes. Sometimes, I don’t. The other day, I saw these two secondary school malay girls by her wheelchair. One of them was on crutches, with a knee and calf in bandage. Beanie Lady on Wheelchair had a hand on that part of the bandage, and was doing what you would usually see people do during healing services or in a church. I am guessing she was praying for healing. On a separate occasion, I saw the same malay girl beside Beanie Lady’s wheelchair again, this time without her bandages, and they were chatting happily.

There’s also that tissue lady at Tampines MRT who ties your tissue packets in sets of 3, and sneaks a Bible verse in that stack. She doesn’t ‘advertise’ as openly as the first lady did, but I see a different beauty in what she does.

I don’t know how you might feel from this. I don’t even know how I feel from it, and even more so, my ignorance extends to the fact I don’t know what to do about it.

God loves a cheerful giver. What do you give?


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