emo nemo

I feel SO emo pok after listening to this. 😥


I am kinda stressed out by work, because I need to compile this impossible species list of birds and butterflies and dig out information that has probably never been researched on.. (HOW TELL ME HOW)

and having to learn programming so as to do my statistics, and to READ UP on statistics.

But I am trying to finish this Coursera course online, I resumed it after stopping it for a long time – it’s titled ‘Exploring Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas’, conducted by Jonathan Biss (I love his nerdy and sneaky humour) from the Curtis Institute of Music. There’s a lot of music exploration and history, both of which I love to bits, and may be what is keeping me sane.

I think I find the music really emotional, not because of my situation but really just kinda heartache for Beethoven. His life and all that he’s been through. And his genius. This was one of his final three sonatas, then, he died a legacy.


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