thankful for the time spent with jx today.

We shared about our visions and dreams for God, and part of me simply can’t wait to walk this journey with God. I am excited to see if we kinda guessed or felt it correctly or is God going to take us on another route that will be a million times more amazing than what we imagined. I have a feeling it will be the latter, it almost always is.

I am looking forward to the next sharing session, and to see where God is leading us. I thought it was really by no coincidence that this whole weekend of sermon, both cells and even this sharing session all had a similar theme to it.

You are what you think (this is really the quote of my life).

What is your tower of Babel?

What are your priorities in life?

What visions did God give you about the future?

How do you keep your passion burning?

I am inclined to think there’s something God wants me to learn and reflect and gain from all these. In the meantime, I shall continue fulfilling my duties and continue feeding my God-inspired priorities.


And find some time to create some music. I have so much to get out of my head and somehow I think it is only through music that I can express it, but I have no time to do it. :/

Pray ah! Pray!


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