the oath

I am so sucked into this drama.

Because it is a delicious mix of humour, real-world ethical issues, medical terms, AND most importantly, good music. Hahahahaha. The last point was the true reason for me even wanting to watch it.

I don’t know why I really find the music so good. The piano melodies, accompaniment, arrangement and timing are all on pointttttt. What bliss.

Though I do find some stuff kinda disturbing. I am reminded (in ever-increasing frequency) of my insecurities and my huge propensity to over-invest emotionally into relationships and people. And, I suppose I am afraid of that happening again. I wonder how this is going to develop and where it is going to lead me.

I keep finding myself wanting to return to a certain point in my life, and I am trying to slow down enough to find out exactly where and how to. Maybe I miss a certain version of myself. :/


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