humourous stuff

Actually, by the time I typed the title, I forgot what I wanted to post. Haha.

The most recent – I asked this girl how she knew my birthday and she was like ‘oh, cause that year I was p6 during campfire they celebrated’ ‘that yr u were camp commandant’

Rightttttttttttttttt, I remember that… hahaha. Awkz.

And then there was this.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 8.26.57 pm

I am so amused x 2. Brilliant artwork.

And I realised my friend invited me to some event, which was super ironic of him to do that. Something like… an alcoholic inviting me to AA that sorta thing. And I thought of asking him to invite another friend of mine who has been receiving a mixture of flak and twisted support for his ‘alcoholic’ habit. And that put quite a lot of funny images in my mind. I am replacing the actual issue with ‘alcoholism’ so this remains readable.

By mid-December, I will officially enter panic mode for the future. I refer specifically to the fact that I will be taking Grade 8 Music Theory next year. =O My teacher says I finished preparing for Grade 6 in about half a year or so, which was pretty good because people usually take about 1.5 years to prepare?

I honestly do not understand how someone can possibly take 1.5 years though… won’t you run out of things to practise on? :\And I would have been so bored with the content by 1 year.

But well, I suppose I should be thankful for getting a merit! šŸ™‚ It was amazing that i scored best for question 1 2 and 3 when my forte was question 4 and 5. And I realised distinction must have been crazy hahaha. But okay, I shall work hard for Grade 8! I can’t believe I am going to take the exam with less than 6 months of preparation :\. So much to work on, but I am excited. šŸ™‚


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