i can’t wait for my holidays to start!

few things.

I am so tired from my week. I think it was just me having to do a lot of walking when I headed to National Gallery.

National Gallery was cool :). I shall go again next time. It’s a nice place for a silent date with some small exchanges. Hahaha. I think I would rather go alone than with people though. It wasn’t intentional this time, but it was nice, and I think I would stick to it for a while!

Here’s the view from Level 6:

i ❤ rainy days!

And here’s a view from between both wings.

I could stare at the architecture all day. But I won’t because my neck would hurt like mad.

My pastors decided not to write me a recommendation letter to attend Tung Ling (for what I believe, legitimate reasons unrelated to my personality and character), so that door is closed. I am thankful for it for several reasons actually. I don’t need to be so worried about my finances. 🙂 Maybe I could go and teach and prepare myself for what’s ahead. 🙂


Planning to go overseas is really fun. 🙂


I am so excited for 2016!


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