first day as a f&b staff

Pretty cool!

After I got over the awkward phase of behaving like a noob who doesn’t know anything, ANYTHING about f&b, and started just focusing on accomplishing tasks I knew how to do, it got pretty fun trying to make sure things are in order, and customers are served etc. šŸ™‚

I am not as tired as I expected but I do feel like I may have looked kinda pissed off or non-receptive because I was born with a natural resting bitch face, and my eyes were still suffering from being too dry back in Malaysia. The downside was me being rather unable to chat along with the rest. All they talk about is food and how to do food and I don’t know, food.

Next work day should be next Monday! Hopefully things go well. I think I really did put in effort in my work today, so hopefully no one hates me, yet. I am quite thankful to have this job. šŸ™‚

Back to real NUS work tomorrow…..


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