always so fired up

when we talk about youth zone, young adults and church.

I really cannot take it when the older people keep looking down on us and still calling us to 讲华文. (it’s supposed to be 讲华语)

I should really get out of the habit of not taking someone seriously when they use bad english/chinese. I can tolerate limited vocabulary but I cannot tolerate grammar mistakes. So if you want me to listen to you to the fullest, please grammar check. Unless you are one of the princes and princesses, then don’t need to do triple grammar check, just do it once. I will listen.

I know my grammar isn’t perfect either but, I think there are some mistakes that shouldn’t be made uh. For example, using present tense when you were supposed to use past tense. I won’t nitpick on the obscure rules because I am not that awesome too.

(why is this being some grammar rant..)

so anyway, I just feel that people in higher positions should start doing stuff. As a CGL myself, I have organised zone activities, and tried to bring in outside speakers to inject some energy and life and hope into my small cell. It is not my responsibility but I will continue to do it if it helps us all to grow more, together. And I would definitely support zone activities that are planned with good intention and with some measure of good foresight.

Maybe you would be inclined to say, hey that’s selective obedience. That’s not right.

Yeah it. So. Is. But I don’t even have a chance to exercise selective obedience because there have been no zone activities planned for almost the whole of 2015.

Ta-da. In your face.


Wait, there was one.



Oh wait, I planned that with my small cell,

under our own initiative.


Well, some leaders complain about how nothing is being done for them to help their cubs. But maybe the challenge is, then DIY lor?

No BS material? I go find. No DG material? I go find. No DG leader to lead DG? I lead lor. Feel like my kids have too limited spiritual input, but no chance to hear from others? Okay, I invite guest speakers. Feel like eh, why no one follow up with them? I go do lor. Why no one talk about such issues? Not important meh? I talk lor. Scared people leave because of army? I follow up, I organise the talks. No help or mentoring? I go ask for it. Want to upgrade yourself? Find my own opportunities. Read. Learn. Explore. Discover.

To me, their growth is more important than whose job it is supposed to be.

It may be their job to provide certain things. And I will always maintain that it’s their job no matter what time of the month you ask me, but every single day that goes by and they are not doing it – I will do it to the best of my ability. I will try to cover every gap I can.

That’s my decision as a leader.


Welcome to 3rd year!


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