throwing out memories and books

I have been quite productive on work these few days. Cleaning up stuff, throwing out memories. I am going to take a step of faith and throw out even more memories tomorrow.

I am quite the sentimental person, but over the past few years, I realised there isn’t much value in holding onto things, especially when it is going to be one-sided or misunderstood. No one cares much, really. (Sorry for the drastic realist view.)

So, saying goodbye to mementos of the past, and a big hello to a clean organised cupboard. ๐Ÿ™‚ The thought of the clean cupboard and throwing out belongings excites me immensely.

Going to throw out old books too – yes, you read that right. Old vandalised books.

Don’t you feel excited? Well, I sure am. Hahahaha.


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