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It’s Christmas!

My birthday passed a few days back. Things were really different one year ago. A bunch of people came down to surprise me on my birthday. Some of those people are no longer in my comfy circle, some have lost my trust over this one year, but there are also some whom I know will be there to love me in 2016 too. 🙂

Words alone can’t express how loved I feel this year!!!!

It’s really amazing this year. I didn’t really have a huge surprise. I only had two small slices of cake this year, but two girls really went out of the way to wish me happy birthday. I didn’t get to eat in a restaurant with my family. I didn’t even really ask for presents but I received so many! I am so extremely thankful for the gifts I received – you guys know me best. I said I didn’t want a book but the book I received was pretty awesome. I received quite a few cards – birthday and christmas combined. Yeah I kinda hate having my cards combined but this year was really very awesome! Long cards from loved ones! If combining my birthday with Christmas gets me longer and more sincere cards – sure. In fact, if not for my birthday, I don’t think I would have received any messages from my kids at all. Problems of leading a cell with guys and 2 guy-like girls. So.. it’s really really really precious. 🙂

My prettiest present :) bookmark, and with a mini octave! <3 <3 <3 <3
My prettiest present 🙂 bookmark with a mini octave!

The bookmark is seriously awesome! It’s going on my Bible, which my small cell got for me. Perfect match! Constant reminder of those under my care.

the present with the best and lamest story

On 20th Dec, one of the princes asked if I thought Two is Better Than One. It is an annual music event in our church, which I served in 2015, and probably had no real intentions to jump in unnecessarily. I was like ‘huh?!’ with a strong look of suspicion. He didn’t mention it again after that so I didn’t think much about it.

My sister told me at the hospital the other day that she bought a present for me, and actually my small cell also bought the same thing – then how. I said, erm, just bring it on lor! She said, it’s not something I need two of. So I asked, what, is it a Bible? It is a bit extra but I can still find a use for it uh. More Bibles always a good thing! She said it wasn’t a Bible. So I just said ‘it’s okay, i will still like it one.’

Then came 24th December – Christmas Eve, when my sister gave me the pillow first. I gushed over it and then my cell presented me with the same pillow but they were very keen to explain that they had sewn a ribbon onto one of the ears, making both pillows different. So, that’s a girl bat – for me. And the one my sister gave me will be a boy bat! For my non-existent boyfriend.

Thanks for believing I am going to find a guy before the pillow turns mouldy!!! Hahahaha.

What a way to explain away the fact that they just happened to buy the same thing for me. But okay, effort for the ribbon. If it were me, maybe I wouldn’t have bothered. But you guys, too awesome.

❤ check out the lovely but hideous card

No chance for a sibling shot this year. But it’s okay, there’s still CNY. 🙂

Most effort – zixuan’s “card”. That boy went to print out this stack of photographs from our whatsapp chat to remind me of the journey I have taken this year. Haha. Effort much. ❤


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