okay i think i got my thoughts and words sorted out

I don’t think keeping this hurt robs me of my joy for serving.

And no, I don’t plan to avenge myself.

But I still need to do the things I need to do, to scold people I need to scold because they step over my boundaries.

So if the same person responsible for that hurt falls again into that category of people who I need to dish out a piece of my mind too, it’s not revenge. It’s merely work, and I won’t do anything outside my boundaries.

And the discussion or scolding will be about the issue at hand. But yeah, this whole experience is really giving me insights into one’s character and working ethics.

If people wish to gossip or judge that I am taking revenge for what happened, they can think what they want. But I have a duty to protect those under my care, and my relationship with this other person is something I am willing to give up or destroy if he still thinks he’s right or bothers to take offense at me telling him off for something wrong he did.

If he’s apologetic, then things can go better from here, it proves he still has a sense of repentance and shame.


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