is it so difficult?

why is it beyond some people to see that:

(1) if i have more information than you, then naturally by human wisdom, my opinions should have more weight. and that will be true until you prove that you have more information or you point out a knowledge gap

(2) i will present both possibilities to you. i cannot only agree on any single possibility. if your intention is for me to agree on one and disregard the other, you can leave

(3) when you ask persistently or incessantly, it doesn’t mean i will change my mind. but, i can assure you i will be very very annoyed.

(4) i will begin to change my mind if you change yours or reframe your argument or show me you are understanding what i am saying

(5) if it’s just about forcing me to agree with you, forget it, i don’t want to talk

(6) if you have betrayed my trust before, good luck trying to make me even listen to anything you say, even if it’s correct. but if you believe in it, i would love for you to be apologetic first, then tactful and persistent to get the message across.

(7) i will have opinions, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s emotional. it’s usually only emotional when i have determined logically how dumb or ridiculous it is.

(8) nothing is absolute, nothing. don’t ask me to agree with something absolutely. that may happen, but probably not within your lifetime or mine, which also means, ‘never’


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