I have been exploring (in my mind) the possibility of dating someone in my circle.

But I am really unsure and I was thinking that it could potentially be a very bad decision to make a move or even bring it up or even to entertain the possibility in my mind. I don’t think it’s very productive and I think it puts my focus in the wrong places.

I shall not take things into my own hands and claim to see the future that only God knows for sure, and trust that He will guide me to things, peoples and events in His time.

Meanwhile, I am still working on that song. And it’s amazing how God blesses and blows ideas into my mind as gently as He possibly could. Though I think God must find it pretty amusing that I jump up from my piano frantically to look for writing materials just so that I can write the melody down. Or the look on my face during my eureka moments, then again, the frantic movement of a pencil on rough paper just to capture the numerous random melodies that flow through my brain.

Having done a few songs since 2014 and also tried doing some which never became completed, I firmly believe that each song is really given by God, and not by my own efforts or creativity. I love composing or toying with music because it’s amazing how you can tap on God’s mind and imagination with music, and He speaks, not in words but through music. It is utterly mind-blowing. You know that He hears you and your desire to praise Him, and gives you what you need to make it happen. And sometimes, when you write with the wrong motives, or something way less than what I would call ‘focused on Him’ or simply at the wrong time of your life,  He is silent. God is so interesting and so perfect in His timing. 🙂


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