Love, me

Can love be so pure these days? I typed ‘love’ into YouTube and all those sleazy stuff came up as search suggestions. I had to type the full title complete with the singer’s name before I found my song.

I suppose there will never be a single guy is worth that kind of love. Only Jesus is capable of handling my heart the way it should be handled. I do wonder if there will come a time where I meet someone who will resolve to love me the same way I resolve to love my partner. I could give my all and make myself vulnerable, but I don’t think that’s wise, because I bruise and hurt a bit too easily.

It’s not about getting attached, I don’t think that was ever a problem for me. But I want to find someone faithful, someone who draws the right boundaries, who respects that I want to give but I am afraid of giving it all to someone who doesn’t cherish it enough, and who understands why I absolutely have to put God first in my life and supports it. Because Jesus is the only one who understands why I am the way I am, what I need to overcome, what I have overcome and who I am designed to be.

Not sure why I had to think about such things this morning, but yeah, it just came to my mind and it is kinda bittersweet.


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