lent fast

I fasted for one month from Facebook, and within DAYS of me returning to FB, even if it’s only just to check for notifications and exiting within 5 minutes (no longer scrolling for extended hours because I really have much better things to do), and it’s back to number 1 on my ‘Most Visited Sites’ on my browser. Ridiculous.

And I really miss my younger cell. I miss them so much I am hugging them in my mind. I know they don’t like to be hugged la, so that’s why I am doing it in my mind, and then texting them to let them know I care. I have even resorted to typing stuff like ‘virtual hugs!!’. I am quite a weird leader, it seems.

There was also this weird lady who invaded Marine Parade Community Library and either totally ruined/spiced up my virgin visit there. She was NOT using an indoor voice and she kept criticising the weirdest stuff. Super GP-worthy kinda topics like the mentality of the older generation and what they hand off to their young, the importance of acquiring evidence and then proving that it is trustworthy etc. Basically ranting super angrily, and injecting lots of negative energy in the place, I found it rather entertaining because I really don’t know what is she so pissed about, and she thinks she’s so superior strutting around and typing super loudly. This angmoh dude beside our table looked straight at her and said ‘shhh.’ with a finger over his lips.


She even asked him ‘what, do you have a problem?’
He replied ‘yes, you.’

which, she just blatantly ignored and then resumed talking and ranting and complaining to herself in a way that makes everyone eavesdroppers on her own internal conversation.

LOL. I almost laughed out loud but I kept it in. I wouldn’t have wanted her to come and pick problems with me, because I think I would have laughed my way through the whole conversation right in her face.

She says she’s a lawyer, and she has ‘the cross in [her] heart’. When she came to that, I contemplated going up to her and telling her off though. But it happened way too fast and she didn’t rant too much about a Christian identity if that’s what she was referring to.

I suppose many Christians (including myself at one point in my past) like to strut around in arrogance and anger at the world and at society. Maybe this is really how we make people feel when we think we are being bold about our faith. It seems like it just appears foolish, loud, noisy, angry, self-righteous and extremely extremely unloving. If you think she was weird and silly, hmmm, I wonder how people see us.

Something to think about, I guess?


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