return of superman ep 125

i am sorry, i just watched one of the cutest Superman episodes ever.

the twins were super awesome today.

lee bum soo got 30/100 for a korean dictation test and they held a public flogging session with a huge pole for each wrong answer. he had 7. HAHA. why don’t we do this in SG schools?


we could do it for grammar mistakes. =D


okay la, but his kids cried and so they spared him from the public caning.

do you believe?

do you believe in prayer?

do you believe that prayer is talking to God?






do you believe in prayers that moves the mountains?

do you believe in prayers that heal people from the inside out?

do you believe in prayers that make the lame dance, the blind see and the mute sing?








do you believe in prayers that bring heaven down to earth?

do you believe that great things happen in the unseen realm when you pray?

do you believe that battles are won in heaven when you pray?

do you believe that angels will rush to minister when you pray?






do you believe prayers are heard AND answered by an Almighty God who loves you so much He was willing to send His Son down ?

do you believe prayers are possible because an all-powerful God, who never needed us, sent His Son down to die for us?





if we believe prayer is really this powerful, how should we pray?


Many of my movies have strong female leads – brave, self-sufficient girls that don’t think twice about fighting for what they believe in with all their heart. They will need a friend, or a supporter..

..but never a saviour.

-Hayao Miyazaki

Point to note when chasing girls. I don’t need a saviour. I already have one and He’s better than anything or anyone can ever hope to be. I need a partner for the work of the Kingdom!

really super effort A

kim sook deserves an award here, hahaha.

she’s SO hilarious in this part. and the twins were soooo adorable too. seojun is the bestttttt. he’s so cute! i particularly loved seoeon’s reaction this time and how he manages to be so brutally insensitive to kim sook with a straight face ‘why are you suddenly reading?!’

day of rest :)

These few days have been rather busy. Or, I feel like I haven’t had much time to sit down and work on some stuff. We are done with TIBTO – event and evaluation. Theory exam is over. The research assignment with Ben has ended, somewhat. I have also finished the VIA project with the AMKSS kids. I really don’t have much to do except to wait for my trip to US to start!

I really do need to figure out some A maths stuff though.

I am thankful that I managed to catch up with most of my princes and princesses over the weekend. ❤

And I am thankful that my piano has just been freshly tuned. I was so sick of the noise it has been making for a while. So glad!

I think I don’t sound very coherent because I am just very tired from waking up early today.