new york day 2

It’s my first full day here, and I am quite tired from the day’s activities and I need to wake up early to do QT. So, just a few lame pictures. The deeper stories, I shall leave for another time. πŸ™‚


(Are you inspired to take up pole-dancing too or what? I am slightly inspired. Haha.)


(So that’s the (butt of the) famous Raging Bull at Wall Street. What are they doing?)

Just to add on that it was insanely crowded there? Hordes of tourists attempting to plaster their bodies and faces onto the statue while a friend/partner attempts to recreate an imaginary solo shot for them a distance away.


(So I was wondering why the angmohs were crowding near the back of the bull.)


translated: 'this year sure huat cai ah!'

(Translated: ‘this year sure huat cai ah! friends, please capture this immense huat moment for me!’)

We aren’t all that different. Lol.

And I promised to bring Jingjing on my trip. But she forgot to give me a polaroid of herself. So:

Toto Ramen was good. Jingjing was with me.

Toto Ramen was good. Jingjing was with me.

Despite the fact that Toto feels like a dog name, the pork was SO good. So soft and fatty =X. I tried this amazing tuna avocado sashimi too. It’s pretty expensive – $7.75 for 3 pieces? I didn’t get photos of how artistic the plating was because we waited so long to get in, and I was famished and lazy to fish the camera out of the bag.


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