career and future

And so, I got news from my beloved piano teacher that I passed my Grade 8 Theory Exam with Merit! I am quite happy. πŸ™‚ I think the news hasn’t sunk in that I have now a Grade 8 Theory certificate with my name on it. Maybe because I haven’t seen it yet, haha.

I guess, it opens up even more career routes for me. Even though, I kinda only want one – to teach in a MOE school.

I am currently in London, and talking to a senior of mine, George. I told him that I was applying to his previous employer (MOE, lols) yesterday, and I don’t know howwww the conversation got to doing maths questions together. Hahaha. Appropriate after-dinner activities. But anyway, today he asked me to consider working in London. Life’s pretty good even though a teacher isn’t as well-respected. I must say, that is really pretty tempting. But, I am not sure what reasons I would do it for. Up till now, it’s probably just asking for an easy life and money and a watered down version of the rigorous teaching system in Singapore. The last point is particularly important to me because the whole point of teaching in SG is so that I can help students who are now where I have been, or even tougher. I want to help them overcome, soar above it, and to recognise, as early as possible, that their worth and potential is limitless and not measured by grades or the school they are in.

So. I guess I will still try for teaching in Singapore, for a good while. πŸ™‚


Besides, there are way too many things I cannot let go of right here. Family. Especially grandparents. And also my cubs and friends. The idea of living a life on my own in a foreign country does sound enticing, but I don’t think that version of life is what God would have in mind. Not yet, anyway.


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