waiting for check-in at The Baxter Hostels


I initially felt like it was a bit of a waste to arrive at 7am and then having to sit around here in the common room/kitchen/check-in counter which is somewhat lacking, imho, in order to check-in at 2pm. But I caught up on sleep – unabashedly, in the common room while people swarmed around having breakfast. 🙂 Well, I think my mouth was closed 80% of the time. And I can blog. And I could plan my Scotland trip properly.

(But I did realise the guitar is lacking a string -_____-. SACRILEGE)

The ride on the bus was surprisingly pleasant. I was glad I was able to fall asleep – and it was quite comfortable for me once I got used to the narrow space I was expected to fit into.


Bad photo. It was originally for whatsapp to someone else, haha.

I expect it must have felt like a small coffin for the Caucasians, haha. Even for my size, I found it difficult to move around in my ‘bunk’. I couldn’t sit up halfway to read a book – which is a bad idea for me anyway because I suffer from selective motion sickness – reading on buses (but trains are okay -.-) is one of the triggers. There wasn’t really space for me to do anything – I had to literally crawl and exert my abdominal muscles in order to charge my phone and charger (and then after that during the ride, it dropped but because of the narrow space, I couldn’t get it until after the ride without disturbing the dude above me.)

But I did enjoy the ride. I just plugged into my ipad and listened to worship music, on loop. And just feeling overwhelmed by the fact that God was with me, even in this little small obscure lower bunk of a MegabusGold. I sneakily tucked the corner of the curtain into the bed of the upper bunk so that I could glimpse the night sky. That said, I could ONLY glimpse the night sky, hahaha, and nothing else. If I wanted to lift my head, I would risk hitting Upper Bunk Dude (and actually I did hit him a few times, hopefully the bedding was thick enough to mask it, but ahh, I will never see him again anyway I guess. Haha).

It was a very unique, and kinda nice experience for me I guess. Then, waking up in an entirely new town, which was still sleeping in on an early Monday morning. I am suddenly very thankful for this lull time because I found some interesting places to visit in Edinburgh and making some radical decisions to skip some of the more famous museums and opt for a more subdued and local experience. 🙂

One thing I really remembered about London was Ben Forster. I went to watch Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre. It was a matinee show and it was so mindblowing because of Ben Forster. He has such excellent and amazing voice and air control. I had to keep from drooling or tearing during the performance. I really liked Phantom as a character, even if it can be debated he’s kinda a control freak and an egomaniac. But, I just identified with him and Ben Forster really was able to touch my heart even more. I had to google for a photo of his face because he was disfigured as part of the Phantom costume make-up. So here – http://www.thephantomoftheopera.com/people/cast/ben-forster. ❤

I am so going back to London next time. But probably, with my future partner? DC is a nice place to be around alone. London.. not really. It would be nice to have a partner who’s excited about the same things and creating the experiences. There’s so much to do in London (and I am not talking about shopping, even though it’s impressive) but it would be really cool if there was someone to share the fun. Things I do – hunt down food places and walk for an hour to travel there. I had pretty bad luck – many places were closed during my stay – so all the more I got to go back next time. 🙂 KIV London! I am coming back.

DC is great too. And even though I completed most of the city – I would still want to go back even for 2 days, to chillax in Georgetown and to meet up with Lois. 🙂

All the travelling is making it a bit tough for me to do QT though. And the need to interact with people in certain social situations also doesn’t give me much time and space to do so. But I suppose things are going to wind down a lot in Scotland – and I hope I will be able to hear some stuff from God.

I kinda miss Singapore, but also kinda don’t miss it. Haha.


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