my phone photos seem to be nicer. :(

I don’t know why the camera photos end up being very over-exposed over here. It’s cloudy. But it’s still really really really beautiful. The camera is just unable to capture so much, which is such a shame. 😦

I was glad to know that I wasn’t an idiot who decided to go to the beach on a cold day. Hahaha. It was actually still bearable yesterday. Today was just kinda horrendous. I was eager to go to the Turkish Bath at the Portobello Swim Center, and that put me an hour away from Edinburgh, and near the beach. It was nice, though at that kind of open space, you would expect the wind to be rather strong and harsh. :/ Haha.

But the view was nice.


A view (of me!) from Edinburgh Castle:


And one of the magnificent views I came across when I was walking back to the hostel along the North Bridge:


It’s sad that there’s this wall that prevents me from taking the best photos, or seeing past it. -__-” But I still enjoy walking down that path.

Another photo from this junction near my hostel:


But I kinda miss home. Can’t wait to be back, and not having to worry about losing stuff, haha.


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