magical and eye-opening

someone asked me to describe my trip in a sentence. I just thought.. well it was:

-magical because you see TV stuff come to life. It’s quite a lame thing to say but it’s something you got to experience for yourself, I guess. šŸ™‚ The culture and the accents.. all your senses struggling to comprehend the new places.

-eye-opening because God has allowed me to see and learn so many things. I think some things are still in the processing stage – I have seen them, but I feel that God is leaving it for some lessons next time.

30 April 2016: I think… this was my first full day in New York, and I was still very much in awe of the architecture. Managed to capture this shot of the beautiful buildings and a signature yellow cab.

Sam asked if I was worried that I would end up single all my life. Well, just let God lead ba. I don’t want this season of my life to be defined by my single-hood or the urge to get attached – I rather it be defined by the lessons God wants to teach me in this season.

Crazy? Yeah, maybe. Love is crazy.


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