God’s Gift – 14 days

Dude A ‘Give me the CD you mentioned, quick.’

*Dude B takes something out*

Dude A ‘Yah, why did you put the CD in the kimchi container?’

Dude B ‘I wanted to freeze it in order to maintain its freshness. :D’

Dude A says to his female partner ‘This guy is not right.’

Dude B ‘There was this new song that he (the artist) wrote about his brother. Do you want to hear it?’

Dude A ‘….’

Dude B starts singing terribly with abandon

Dude A and partner exchanges looks

Dude A ‘Yah, stop. I thought you were going to play the CD’

Dude B ‘:(‘

(God’s Gift – 14 Days, Episode 10)


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