love-hate relationship

validation and significance


some people feel the need to be validated on a basis so often that it tires others out.

some people feel the need to see and know and feel that their work matters, it makes a difference.

i guess, we could all do with some affirmation from time to time because well, we do need to know where we stand. And if we are doing well, then great, we could carry on. On the other hand, I fail to see how this can be a driving force or a great motivation in life. By ‘fail’, I don’t imply that it is wrong, but simply that I don’t understand and I cannot appreciate and I cannot contribute to that sort of validation.

it’s really mind-boggling how this even makes sense. Every time I sense that, I draw away. Maybe my senses transport me back to the times where I felt like my presence or friendship or affections has been manipulated to validate someone and serve someone else’s ego.

I am sick of that.. I so am.


I guess, we do need a dose of affirmation once in a while. But under what motivations, to serve what purpose, and how often?



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