totally busted interaction quota today

i hate feeling tired of dealing with people and their seemingly minute or unimportant concerns…. but i am sorry la, i really do feel the strain and the numbing sensation.

sometimes people complicate things..

i really want to live through this, and know how to shut out stuff, maybe i am not exactly supporter material,

but i guess the small goal is not to get sucked into all the passive-aggressive games and contribute to any tension and not to lose my temper..

try not to enter rage mode!



it’s really funny how a humble and apologetic spirit really eases a lot of conflicts, and how the opposite of that causes a lot of conflicts. so many times today where I felt that an apology or acknowledgement of the hardship people impose on others would have solved so so much.

but well, pride.


it’s kinda sad that church weekends have been like that for me recently. a place where you thought you would be filled up and ready to go out, but it actually drains everything out of you. more than the lack of energy, it’s the feeling of disappointment that gets my spirits down.


but we got to hope in the Lord uh. endure and persevere

hebrews 10:36


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