intense interest

sometimes i do wonder if i am just being too afraid of getting hurt again.

had my kids interrogate me on the progress of my love life today.

yep that’s right, my non-existent love life.

after listening to their discussion and the things and people they point out, i am not really sure where i stand or what i think about it.

just wait ba, i guess. as much as i wish for an answer regarding this issue soon – i am more interested in what God is teaching me in this season, and i think it might have something to do with romance, but it definitely isn’t the focus. it struggles to take centre stage though, and it gets frustrating and tiring……….

i have resolved to say a prayer for the future boy every time i feel a bit lost and empty regarding this issue – not sure where i learnt this habit from – but i thought it would be the best to cover this whole thing in prayer and submit it to God. i don’t know who the boy may be, but i am sure God does and my prayers are going to work miracles because our God is a God of miracles.

but.. tired ah. really. haha



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