elements of teaching

I am such a nerd. I stayed up to finish my book called ‘Elements of Teaching’. It was a bit of a dread to read, maybe because I was anxious to finish it and to start a new book. However, I have to admit that there are just SO much gems in this book. Despite having read 3 books on teaching before this, this one still stirred up so much emotions and excitement in me. I can’t wait to teach! I thought I would have finished the book by about 145am? But the afterword, oh goshhhhh, the afterword, was so good. The language of the book isn’t very easy to grasp and digest but I am so thankful that I had the patience to read and re-read things I couldn’t comprehend properly at the first distracted reading. So I took a lot longer. By the time I finished the disgustingly brilliant afterword, it was about 2:15am.


The time now is 2:53am. Why on earth, you ask?

I was too excited and just had to finish my reflection piece at one shot tonight. That gives me a clean slate to start from tomorrow. The next book proves to be kinda technical and challenging, which gets my spirits a bit down (to be honest). But I do also think it is a very useful and relevant book to read in preparation for the interview or the future tasks of a teacher in general.

After borrowing this book earlier today, I had to walk a distance to meet up with Shuling for dinner and sharing. And, I was wondering, what if the interviewers asked me why I took so much effort to read and review and reflect all these books?

I had a daring response pop into my head.

‘I really wish to teach. I wanted to increase my chance of being selected. So much so that if you are only going to employ only one single candidate from this entire cohort of applications (which, I am sure, will be a lot), I want to be that one candidate, and will work hard to earn that.’

But still, praying hard. If this is where God wants me to go, may doors be flung wide open. If not, may He guide me down the right path and do great things through the work of my hands. ❤


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