stop coming close

why is it important that i be friends with you???!

so many other people with less inhibitions and problems and backlog.. go look for them!?


not sure if this is what i want..


why why why why idgi


and they have restocked black cherry blended yoghurt in ntuc outlets across singaporeeeeeee (well, at least in the two hubs that i work in). i gave in and bought a pack of 4.

time flies

i realise i have been using the same wallet for almost 2 years! i still love it though and i don’t see the need to change..

it’s still in very good condition anyway.

awesome to uncover random snippets

and i have been jingjing’s discipler for almost 4 years.

which also means, it’s been 3+ years since i committed myself to yanhui and jingxin too.

they were there when i was still attached, walked me through my break-up, and we still share special life episodes together.

sam and mich are now lawyers. yixuan left her crazy job at deloitte. been 3 + years too since i left my job at MBS. 4 years since graduation.

it’s all pretty amazing.

time sure flies, and i kinda hope it flies again

‘that kind of guy’

don’t think i am that kind of guy okay.

well…it can be so tiring to guard it. who knows what kind of guy is each guy…

they say girls are hard to understand..

but i think guys are so simple that sometimes it scares the living daylights out of me.

i may know what you are thinking, but it doesn’t mean i want to face it or want to deal with it.

and maybe guys shouldn’t corner girls for an answer or an action, but learn to make some moves with grace, thought, kindness and consideration.

it would mean the world to the girl, i suppose. well, i know of at least two girls in the world who would think that way..

no prizes for guessing who

lonely walks

it was quite a fun day at work, just because there’s someone who knows how to make me laugh, even if it’s over the dumbest stuff.

after all the laughs and attention, it felt like a rather lonely walk home. It happens often especially after being out with people, and then when i face myself again, i feel like ‘hey, it’s me.. and me again. feels kinda nice but is this how it’s supposed to be? not too sure about that.’

should really rein in such feelings. it won’t be productive and just super self-destructive.

it does feel great that there are real actual people who seem to really delight in seeing me smile, and enjoy being in my presence (or at least make me feel that way).

but i don’t suppose that’s all to life uh.. that would be super unsatisfying.

or maybe sometimes i just don’t know what’s real anymore.

I think.

i know you will read this eventually

firstly, thank God for bringing us into each other’s lives so many years ago

secondly, thank God for the things that have happened in between then and now

maybe there are some regrets about how things turned out, or sometimes our mind does float to ‘what could have been..’

but i just want to focus on the now, where we both are in our lives, and what we mean to each other.

above all else, i am very thankful for the comfortable and honest friendship.

even though i seriously (SERIOUSLY) think you should check your words and language a bit more, i suppose i should be thankful that i am someone comfortable and ‘safe’ enough for you to share all this crap with.

i am also thankful that our friendship was before and is beyond social media. there’s no need for us to scream and announce the friendship on the rooftops. and the fact we don’t, doesn’t mean it’s less real or less meaningful. and there’s no need for us to fear that something unintentional would result. i am thankful that i feel safe about being myself and not sending weird signals. i am thankful that i can actually talk, discuss and think about what i want to talk, discuss and think about, without being afraid of being misleading or insensitive.

i want you to know that this is really not a friendship we should take for granted but perhaps we really need wisdom to know how to maintain it in a way that honours God and others around us. Not saying that we have crossed any lines, you know we haven’t and probably never will, but i suppose ‘outsiders’ may not empathize as much, and perhaps we should live (to some extent) for their benefit.

i am really thankful to God for allowing this to happen, and I do wonder how I would be surviving in this place without the friendship. that said, i never want to be in the way of your pursuit of happiness (by your own definition or otherwise), and i am so not interested in stirring up anything.

we are just friends, that’s all.

and dude, we will always be FRIENDS.

those last two lines have different meanings, and i mean both of them equally. πŸ™‚


Not 100 plus hor. 100%

I don’t deserve 50% anymore. I deserve 100%. We all do.Β 

Read the whole article here.

For all my friends in a relationship where you can’t give and receive 100%, maybe it’s time to get out. It really isn’t worth the heartbreak, and it hurts more in the long run, I suppose.

CD lessons

As much as i try to quell my beating heart when it comes to waiting on that teaching application, I can’t help but notice how I am just excited about teaching in general.

I did get caught playing games during tuition because tutee was busy, and I decided to leave him to it for a while. :/ sorry

But as I prepared for my CD class, I can’t help but feel excited about what I am going to do in the classroom, and whether they will walk away from my lesson feeling like something has changed.

Was just telling someone that if TED talks and power sermons can do what they do (change lives) in less than an hour – would it be amazing if I could reproduce that week after week in my CD classes or in any class that I teach? And so, I wanna do that in my classroom.

It would totally change the world, if every teacher can transform the classroom like that.

Still waiting though. πŸ™‚