i spy with my tiny eye

a mysterious blueblack on my knee (NOT AGAIN.. SERIOUSLY)

someone stuck in infatuation

not-very-encouraging friends whose care and concern feels kinda fake (who on earth reminds me that i still have a long and unknown wait to go.. i need to distance myself from some of these people..)

the deepening cleft in my right hand

people who are trying to cook nonsense and gossip from the top of their heads (so tiring)

the lives of two that God gave me a word for

unfinished box of lozenges for the throat

a heart that is downright crazy and passionate about God in her ministry, looking for breakthrough after breakthrough, daringly asking God for more in every area, every day (so. inspiring. pretty sure my eyes lit up)

a gap that we can fill but don’t want it enough

distractions and the distracted

a PPT qualification that expires in aug 2018

fatigue and peace




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