building block

feel like walking away from it all permanently

and the strong urge to find someone who can really understand.. as I type that, I realise that God hears and understands me, and perhaps such a being just doesn’t exist in the human world. A relationship beyond words, of complete understanding, full assurance, and no need for competition or curiosity. A relationship beyond give and take. A relationship that is not the seemingly more honourable escape of something dishonorable at its back.

so tired of the volume, of the words and of the thoughts.

i really dislike being interrogated. the more it happens, the more i close up.

i am just really thankful i am home. and i still have friends who wish to be there for me during this time. ❀

special mention to jc friends poon and mich, disciple-turned-trusted-friend jx, ζ‚£ιšΎθ§ηœŸζƒ…-friend zhong, θ€ζœ‹ε‹ sam, quite-老-but-renewed-friend shuling and utterly clueless but adorable people at work who seem to have such a myopic view of life that it really helps me to take my mind off all the dreary stuff. Haha. I am not so sure if the last one was praise, but i mean it all the same.

thank God for cheap usable pens. they write amazing.

and egg tarts. i love well-made egg tarts.

my voice (has returned!!) and music. creating music is my escape and my place to meet God. even if the sounds don’t make sense in the physical world, i know my soul is refreshed.

jiayou vi, last lap for a while.



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