CD lessons

As much as i try to quell my beating heart when it comes to waiting on that teaching application, I can’t help but notice how I am just excited about teaching in general.

I did get caught playing games during tuition because tutee was busy, and I decided to leave him to it for a while. :/ sorry

But as I prepared for my CD class, I can’t help but feel excited about what I am going to do in the classroom, and whether they will walk away from my lesson feeling like something has changed.

Was just telling someone that if TED talks and power sermons can do what they do (change lives) in less than an hour – would it be amazing if I could reproduce that week after week in my CD classes or in any class that I teach? And so, I wanna do that in my classroom.

It would totally change the world, if every teacher can transform the classroom like that.

Still waiting though. πŸ™‚


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