confessions of a workaholic

i am only halfway through my off day and i am already feeling thoroughly bored and i am losing my grip on reality. i am almost tempted to take up a last minute shift. To be fair, I was really legit excited last night about my off day.

But now that it is my actual off day, i am feeling boreddddddd. i have worked through my piano exam pieces for a bit too long. and now that the noise in the house is getting ramped up again from inconsiderate people, i no longer have the mental strength to continue working on the piano.

(a timely reminder to myself to never put taiwan tv news as background noise. it is truly NOISE. in all aspects. the sound of it, and the gossipy feel of its content, and all the arguing and bantering. it’s too much for me to handle. why can’t we just have silence..)

i kinda hate afternoons. mornings are nice because it’s quiet and cool and there is a soft buzz in the air. nights are nice because it’s quiet and cool, and everything is winding down.

afternoons are just.. crap. haha. please end soon, mr afternoon! why do afternoons exist?! hahahahahahaha. okay i am being a bit retarded now.

maybe i just need a nice cuppa to get through this awkward time of the day….. haha. and some food!


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