why i am here

i love my colleagues and all their different personalities.

maybe it is truly naive to say this, and so not fitting of a 26yo to say this:

but man, they are real.

and they remind me of a gap the world needs.

all the jokes and teasing and suaning – but still kind and loving and inclusive and unafraid to stand up for their friends and take responsibility for their mistakes and ready to forgive others and competent and willing to clear tasks first and settle people problems later in a mature manner.


this is not to say everyone is an angel, and not to say they are super flawless, but i am just increasingly thankful for this time in my life – which may seem like such a glorious waste of youth to many people – to see and learn so much from this group. the pleasure is truly mine.

God really has His timing and His plan is perfect, even though I may not have enjoyed the whole process and I suppose we are still cold-warring….. may it end soon. 🙂


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