christmas 2016

has been utterly amazing.

i spent almost the entire day with jen and eugene.

the day was incredibly unexpected and filled with good company and food. it’s not what i would have imagined, or would have hoped for i suppose? But, it turned out very well and special.

church service, good sashimi, good coffee and intelligent friends – what more could one ask for?

words cannot express how special this year is. not all special in good ways, but just uniquely 2016. whatever it is, i am thankful for all the people who hurt me this year because if not for you guys, 2016 wouldn’t be a year of me discovering myself and the friends i need to go on. so, thanks for breaking my heart? haha. it’s good, it’s all good.

i am thankful for this journey once again. it may come to an end really soon, but yeah, again, thankful, thankful, thankful.

vivien, don’t ever forget this special christmas. ❤


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