somewhat mundane work day

but still kind of thankful for it because of the time i managed to spend with the honestbee gang.

there’s still fear running through my veins about what the future holds, and i am always thankful for the affirmation and the assurance.

we have hit another weekend and my optimism wanes just a bit more.

God will always give me the best for me ya? πŸ™‚

jiayou eh vi.

should catch up on other habits/stuff asap, haha.

i am pretty glad that i have overcome some barriers as far as piano practice goes, and also running head first into other barriers, lol. it’s okay they will be knocked down soon enough….? *valiant attempt at optimism*

i am truly glad for the things i have left in my life now – not in a envious or demeaning kinda way though. But i do think that without these things, i could never be who i am today. bad people will take hold of my heart and won’t let it go until it runs out of juice, but the good people and good things.. they protect me and they keep me sane and they keep me hoping and they show me things i don’t know about myself.

thanks so much for believing in me even when i can’t.


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