off day!

It’s been very long since i had an off day! And it’s going to be tomorrow. 🙂

Kinda thankful for the off day but i am actually thinking of how to fill it up LOL.

I went to church today feeling again first hand that I lost some people in my life – which is okay because I am kinda glad for it. We all should be glad for losing the ones who can’t care less about you when you are down and out and have nothing much to offer them.

It feels somewhat scary that my life is on a very different path now, one that I never expected. It is exciting and breathtaking and somewhat liberating, but part of me still holds on to what should have/could have been. 😐

Silly, I know. Still learning. 🙂


pretty good March I guess

i have rather mixed feelings about how March went, or rather, since the last time I posted.

I am glad I am alive! I am glad God is good. 🙂

Been learning a lot about myself, people and finding some thrill in diving into the Bible.

Decided to embark on another potentially pricey travel trip this year for the sake of my own sanity, and to figure out stuff with God. On some level, it might not be wise, but I think it is necessary for me to find an undisturbed zone or place away from the hustle of Singapore. To reset my heart and my soul 🙂

I am learning to love what I have been given, and to rejoice in the small things, and to rise to bigger things. Rediscovering the power of prayer and feeling brave enough to pray with authority and respect. Also, I have a desire to move into bigger and greater things God has prepared. But… in that, there’s always the small things to fulfill, and I need to learn to do those faithfully. 🙂