my tutees

i don’t talk much about my tutees here, but i love making them feel awkward in their own different ways. πŸ™‚

i like using ‘Ms Amanda’ on her even though she never remembers my name and is an utter troublemaker. But she receives me differently when I respect that she has her own mind and way of doing things and that if it’s reasonable, I would give her that space to be herself.

As for Safwan, I will nag about careless mistakes and reaffirm that he’s an A student. And throw him more stuff to do because I think maths is too easy for the likes of an expert like him. To which, he gives me an awkward smile and continues to slog hard at his sums.

I am quite ruthless towards Samin and we work like competitive friends. We work on stuff together, and I laugh at him because I found the answer faster. We laugh together when we both miss the same thing, and we dismiss the question as dumb. I teach him like I am sharing secrets and shortcuts.

As for Airis, I need to pray for her mind to be awakened and I need my love for her to blossom into appropriate training so that she can become competent at what she does and enjoy doing it. πŸ™‚




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