i thought i wasn’t worth it until you came along

need to remember that night where we just said everything that was on our hearts and agreed to fight this out together.

and to know that we are both in for the long haul, and no one is going to leave the other behind.

yep, it will be meaningful and worthwhile.

it may not come easy for us, but it will be worth it for me because i know it’s you i am fighting for.


i am praying really hard for this, and i hope you do, too.



playing it lowkey and clean

on some days, he says things that i can’t understand, and makes me fear that he won’t be willing to try and make this work. he makes me fear that this is just a challenging game to be navigated and figured out.

i feel kinda silly to be ready to give everything up, only to know that it could possibly be just me and my wishful thinking, and that it could be one-sided.


oh gosh v, why don’t u ever learn


EDIT: okay, misunderstandinggggggg. 🙂 check latest post

it’s almost july! hahaha

so much has changed since my last post.

life has been sweet but sometimes i don’t know if this will be here to stay.

it’s been difficult to live for possibilities and dreams these 2 years, and having to cut off people from my life.

it’s been difficult to let people into my life during such times. But I am sure that it’s meant to be, and gosh, they are really such blessings in my life. It’s unreal, yes because it was from God. God chooses the most unlikely people to bless the giver and the receiver.

i can’t help but feel i am so super blessed to have such episodes and such stories to tell. i am glad that zhong has also found so much more blessings in her life after 2 years (or was it more?) in the wilderness.

hopefully, i will come out of mine soon enough.


and you, yah.. me and my negative talk about how this might not work out.

words cannot describe how i feel, haha. glad to know someone like you exists. not really sure where this might go, but i am incredibly thankful for this time and the lessons learnt. 🙂 and yes you are right, we need to be patient.