vivien pitches in


I am not a professional reviewer. But I believe that I like books and museums more than most people (because friends have told me so, sometimes, in frustration). And I would like to record all my experiences with books and museums on my blog, for myself to remember lessons learnt.

I am going to port over and brush up my reviews from Goodreads, and draw from my own experiences for both museums and books.

I guess this will be under construction for a (long) while, because I will have to read new books and have to review old ones concurrently.

Neither am I a professional photographer, and usually I am too embarrassed to take too much time to take photos, haha. Furthermore, many places (especially in SG) restrict the use of photography. But I humbly hope it’s enough to aid the readers (you!) in deciding if they want to invest time and money to go down. 🙂

Book Reviews

Museum Reviews