Book Review: A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23

I don’t know why but I took some time to get used to the way he was writing but was utterly awestruck by his shepherding stories. It was really very insightful and heartwarming to dig deeper into this extremely familiar Psalm. I never thought to see it in this light before and I am glad someone awesome recommended me this awesome book. 🙂 I was told to finish the book in a single sitting, which I did. The effect was a series of shockwaves sent through my heart as little revelations every few pages made loud ‘pop!”boom!’ ‘ooh!!’sounds in my head. So I am not sure if I would recommend reading it in a single sitting, but I probably would want to get a copy myself to keep and read again. It is a good reminder and different perspectives to many Christian truths and sayings and practices. 🙂

I would really urge people to read this and challenge themselves! Great for those who muse at animal behaviour. Hahaha. People are really like sheep uh, stubborn, ignorant creatures of habit but loved. 🙂

(Unedited from my Goodreads review.)